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Arizona Lemon Law

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Did you end up with a "lemon" vehicle?

Help is right here, right now in the form of free attorney representation for your qualifying lemon law case on a 2015 - 2022 vehicle. As an Arizona consumer, you have rights and entitlement under state and federal laws. You are entitled to, depending upon the type of case you have, a buyback (repurchase) of your "lemon" vehicle, or being substantially monetarily compensated for your hassle and inconvenience, and still be able to keep your vehicle. These settlement options are far more favorable that simply "giving up", trading in the vehicle, and taking a tremendous financial loss.

How does one qualify for lemon law protection? Your vehicle must have had either an unreasonable number of repair attempts for a repeated problem under warranty, or in certain circumstances, spent too many days in the vehicle dealers shop within certain time/mile parameters. The problem must substantially impact the use or safety of the vehicle, or cause diminution of value.

The Law Offices of William R. McGee has settled over 21,000 lemon law cases in California and now we are bringing our services to help consumers in the great state of Arizona, free of charge to you.

Simply said, we are here to enforce your lemon law rights. Under applicable State and Federal laws, we pursue the automobile manufacturer so you don’t have to – and without any charge to you. Our client representation is 100% free to you.

Scores of consumers contact us after unsuccessfully trying themselves to get the vehicle dealer or manufacturer to take their "lemon" vehicle back. They have already been through the run-around, repeated calls, "case numbers" that lead to nowhere, and much more.

Our formula to success in over 21,000 cases is simple – the automobile manufacturers have known and worked with us for over 32 years, and they know that we know how to win and settle lemon law cases.

Automobile dealers are not required to buy back your "lemon". The automobile manufacturer is in the business of selling vehicles, not buying them back. It’s only when you employ the services of an experienced lemon law attorney that has the power of a lawsuit do you have the power to fight the automobile manufacturers on a level playing field.

Our Arizona lemon law firm provides not only your lemon law attorney for legal representation, but also a full-time, on-staff auto expert that you can speak with about your vehicles problems any time you wish.

So, it’s time to get free help to put an end to your vehicle problems. Call, text, or email us today and take the first step. We’re right here for you, and we’ve got your back. We wouldn’t have it any other way!