Kevin A. Alexander II

University of South Carolina, B.A, cum laude, 2010

University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., 2013

Admitted to State Bar of California, 2013, State Bar Number 294308

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona, 2018, State Bar No. 034578

Who hasn’t experienced miserable issues with a car at one point or another in their life?

For me, I remember driving home from the car lot smiling ear-to-ear. My dad had just bought me a used car for my high school graduation. Although it was technically used, it was my first car and felt brand new and shiny to me. I had that “brand new and shiny” feeling for about the first 10 miles. Suddenly, while driving home with my dad following behind, my headlight flew off my so-called “brand new and shiny” graduation present and landed in my dad’s windshield, thereby shattering it.

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of a long and tumultuous relationship with my first car that lasted several years until I replaced it after I finished law school. There was always something wrong from the headlights to the brakes to the “Check Engine” light. It felt like I could never get more than a few weeks of peace between repairs. I know what it’s like having a lemon and I know the frustration and disruption it can cause to your life. Your car is one of your largest purchases and an ongoing expense. Your car is something you interact with and utilize daily. When you pay that much money for a product you use that often, it should work, period!

In law school, I learned to appreciate an important purpose that courts serve in our society. It is one of the few places where an individual, such as you or me, can take on a big corporation, such as an automobile manufacturer, on an even and level playing. I did not know what kind of law I wanted to practice when I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law, but I did know one thing, I wanted to help people. That is what I love about practicing Lemon Law in California and Arizona. Your Lemon Law case is not about hiring big and expensive attorneys who are going to charge you more than your car is worth because we utilize the statute to get the manufacturer to pay attorneys’ fees. Your Lemon Law case is not about getting out-gunned and bulldozed by a large corporation and their army of attorneys, because Mr. McGee and his firm have nearly three decades of experience fighting manufacturers and their defective products.

At the Law Offices of William R. McGee, we understand that your car and transportation has a huge impact on your daily life. I know for me it does. I may have started working for this firm in 2014, but I plan on staying for a very long time, because we are able to help people from all walks of life with their defective cars at no cost to them. Mr. McGee has cultivated a great, friendly, effective and successful team that has helped thousands of people, and I am proud to be a part of that team.

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