Often times, lemon law cases are won or lost by the information and consulting provided by the auto expert to the attorney handling the case.

The Law Offices of William R. McGee, recognizing the importance of an auto expert to research and gather all the technical information, internal manufacturers documents, and the ongoing expert advice/informational exchange pre-trial/at trial (in the event a case goes to court) on each lemon law case, has every case reviewed by Randy Sottile before choosing to take the case. This allows the attorney at the firm to view the case from the legal perspective, as well as from the automotive expert’s mechanical perspective.

Randy Sottile has access (portals) into each manufacturer’s factory technical information systems. This is no small feat. This is where the problems/defects that are under engineering review are found, and many vitally important technical documents far beyond a simple TSB (Technical Service Bulletin).

Randy Sottile has been the on-staff auto expert for The Law Offices of William R. McGee for nearly 22 years. Prior to being hired by The Law Offices of William R. McGee, Randy Sottile provided consultations to lemon law attorney in various states nationwide on their lemon law cases. He brings his expertise to the Mr. McGee law firm, and, equally important to the consumer – you. You can call Mr. Sottile anytime about questions on your vehicles factory warranty repairs/problems history. He is always accessible via his direct cell number, 1-858-342-0073. You can also contact him via his email: RandyLemonLawAutoExpert@gmail.com

Mr. Sottile is an automotive expert, but more importantly, a consumer advocate. He understands the consumer. He had his own “lemon” back in 1995, so he can personally relate to each and every consumer’s frustration. The Law Offices of William R. McGee invites you to call Mr. Sottile and discuss your vehicle and its warranty repair issues.

Note: Mr. Sottile is not an attorney. Mr. Sottile cannot give legal advice. He is the law firms Automotive Expert who gives mechanical advice. He can answer all questions that do not require a legal opinion or directive. Please consult with attorney Kevin A. Alexander II, Esq. – Arizona Bar No. 034578 at this law firm for legal advice.

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(Your vehicle is a 2015 - 2022, purchased in Arizona.)